About Us

Candles have been around since the dawn of civilisation so it is natural that the information is almost limitless when consulting experts on the subject. We at Hunts Candles are committed to bringing as much news or trivia about candles that we possibly can to you.

Hunts Candles is a niche blog site devoted exclusively to candles. We invite writings from those who can enlighten our readers on the many aspects of candles, from olden times to evolution to its present form. A sea change is happening in the world of candles. New substances are being tried out, new and more efficient mass production processes are being put in place and newly formulated fragrances are being tested that have a long hang time.

We are sure that many people are following this transformation closely and keenly. We ask them to share their knowledge with our readers who are interested in these changes.

What are the avenues that contributors can possibly explore? Even though it is your decision on what to write about, a few suggestions will be in order. Talk about the history and the many ways that candles have been used for, apart from illumination. Write about the latest developments and how coloured gel is slowly replacing tallow and beeswax in candles manufacture. You can even enlighten our readers on pillar candles, scented or unscented glass candles and tea-light candles.

Finally, if you are making those small delightful candles at home with a personal touch, we will be delighted to know about your experiences. Please do send your blogs on this niche to blog site Hunts Candles.